Legal provisions

Booking and organisation of this tour is dealt by the Belgian Tour operator CHECK IN FOR THE WORLD – TREVAN BV, BEAUDUINSTRAAT 44, 3300 Tienen, Belgium, BE0478111713,,, +32 16 781 081, whom is appointed as official partner by LIVING LACE VZW, Kumtichstraat(KMT) 331, 3300 Tienen.

Please find the general conditions indicated by European laws, on the Tour Operator’s website. In addition to these, the following specific conditions make one with your subscription, which you accept formally by your initiating your subscription.

Your subscription will result only in a confirmed order, after reception of your full payment of the amount in Euro, taking all payment/bank costs and exchange rates to your own account.

No delay of agreement can be applicable to the subscription of this tour even after filling out this online form.

The minimum participation needed for the tour to go is 60 paying adults. In case of lesser number and until maximum 6 weeks before departure (i.e. until 10 September 2022) the Tour operator has the right to a total cancellation. At that moment a new offer to those whom subscribed to the tour will be proposed free of obligation to accept. After your acceptance, the new conditions to this tour will replace all others. In case of total cancellation or if you refuse to accept the new offer, you will be reimbursed for the tour price in Euro, payment/bank costs and exchange rates excluded.

Local exhibitions might charge an extra entrance fee or an optional lunch, for which the costs are not included in the tour price.

Cancellations by the participants will immediately result in a fix cancellation fee of € 250 per person, this fee and in addition possible payment/bank costs will be deducted from the amount paid back to you after confirmation of the cancellation.

Cancellations as from the registration date will result in 100% cancellations costs.

Until 31 AUGUST 2022 included, name changes will result in a fix fee of € 250 per person + possible payment/bank costs which will be added to your outstanding bill and must be paid immediately to obtain confirmation of the name change. As from 1 SEPTEMBER 2022 no further changes will be possible except for cancellations.

We insist that you book a cancellation and assistance insurance in your country, covering your personal risks as from the date of the booking confirmation.

CHECK IN FOR THE WORLD – TREVAN BVBA cannot be held responsible for changes or cancellations due to reasons beyond their will of the Lace Tour, of parts of it, or of events/exhibitions to be visited during the tour. The participant is in no case eligible to any kind of compensation, other than for those changes or cancellations in the program which reduce the paid services, and this for the price of the specific service with a maximum total of the tour price without payment/bank costs. Though, all accommodations and other services may be replaced at all times by the Tour operator by an equal type if this is needed for the good execution of the tour and without prenotification of the participants.

The subscriber confirms that he received and accepted the program of the Tour operator. In general the subscriber chooses address at the Tour operator’s, specifically for de delivery of all documents concerning and the payments to be done. He appoints the Tour operator as his representative in Belgium for all matters concerning the tour.

Changes or cancellations due to COVID or other pandemic events in Belgium will be advised at the moment they occur and cannot install any kind of automatic cancellation of this tour. The general and special conditions of CHECK IN FOR THE WORLD – TREVAN bv have priority to all other’s.

Complaints should be reported to the tour operator on +32 16 781 081 or
Only Belgian laws apply to this contract, legal disputes can only be settled in Belgium.